Facelift Surgery in Philadelphia / Montgomery County

Wrinkles, lines, and sagging facial skin develop naturally as time, stress, and environmental factors take their toll. Fortunately, with advances in cosmetic surgery, individuals can achieve a more youthful-looking appearance. Dr. David Horvath, founder of the Horvath Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abington, performs facelift surgery for Philadelphia-area residents from Doylestown, Huntingdon Valley, Willow Grove, and surrounding areas. With modern facelift techniques, Dr. Horvath can smooth away wrinkles and sagging skin to leave the face looking youthful and refreshed.

Conventional Facelift

To perform a facelift, Dr. Horvath makes an incision above the forehead, concealed behind the hairline so no scarring is visible. At the point of incision, he separates the skin from the forehead, stretching it upward to smooth wrinkles away before trimming the excess skin and other tissue. He will also tighten and lift the facial muscles before reattaching the skin and closing the incision. Facelift is often combined with other procedures such as blepharoplasty and laser skin resurfacing.

Facelift is an outpatient procedure performed under local or general anesthesia. After surgery, it is important to keep the head elevated and to rest for a few days, as this will minimize both swelling and discomfort. Swelling fades gradually over the course of the first few weeks of recovery time. Most patients who undergo a conventional facelift can return to work within a week or two. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks, and certain things, such as blow-dryers, earrings, and saunas, must be avoided for longer.

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Endoscopic Facelift

The endoscopic facelift technique uses a small camera and tiny instruments to provide a minimally invasive procedure. Rather than a single long incision, the endoscopic facelift requires a series of smaller incisions through which specialized surgical devices can access the facial skin and muscles to tighten them and remove the excess skin and tissue.

Because endoscopic facelift is less invasive than a traditional facelift, patients recover more quickly and are left with less scarring. Most patients are able to return to work after just a few days, as there is significantly less swelling and discomfort associated with the procedure. Endoscopic facelift is best for patients with mild to moderate symptoms and better skin and muscle tone.

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Facelift Results

After recovering from facelift surgery, Dr. Horvath’s patients notice smoother skin that fits the face more closely, as well as a generally rejuvenated and more youthful-looking appearance. Dr. Horvath tailors the procedure to each patient’s unique bone structure, muscle tone, and skin texture for the most natural-looking results. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology and meticulous care when performing all of his procedures, so no one will know you had a facelift unless you tell them!

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Contact Dr. David Horvath

If you are concerned about facial wrinkles and other aging symptoms, Dr. David Horvath may be able to help. Contact us to schedule a facelift consultation. Our patients from Montgomery County and other areas near Philadelphia enjoy some of the most natural-looking and beautiful facelift results available anywhere.

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