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Breast Implant Revision in Philadelphia & Montgomery

Sometimes, breast implant revision, also known as secondary breast augmentation surgery, becomes necessary when a woman experiences a complication or is simply dissatisfied with the work of another surgeon. Dr. David Horvath has a long history of expertise with this type of plastic surgery, and can help if you are in need of secondary breast surgery.

Reasons for Seeking Breast Implant Revision

Women seek breast revision surgery for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The implants have deflated or leaked
  • The implants have shifted
  • Scar tissue has tightened around the implant (a complication known as capsular contracture)
  • Breast tissue has changed due to weight fluctuation or skin stretching
  • Dissatisfaction with the implants’ appearance
  • Exchange for larger or smaller implants

There are cases where breast augmentation was performed flawlessly, but something has changed and you are no longer happy with the look/feel of your implants. If so, Dr. Horvath invites you to meet with him to discuss your case. He will examine your breasts and inquire about your medical history, including the details of your primary breast surgery. He will ask about your ideal breast appearance for you and make recommendations to improve the size and shape of your breasts. This could include removing the implants or replacing them. It might also require removal of scar tissue or placement of state-of-the-art biologic tissue replacements to support the position of the implant.

Procedural Details

Breast implant revision is typically an outpatient procedure, performed with anesthesia for your comfort.

The details of the implant revision are customized specifically to the patient’s needs and desires. Dr. Horvath employs all of the recent advances in breast implant revision for each case he performs. He will likely use the incisions made in the initial implant surgery to remove the breast implants. He can: a) simply remove them without placing a new pair; b) replace them with the same type; or c) place a new type of implant. When replacing the implant he may consider creating a new pocket to stabilize the implant in position, or he may add new dermal replacement grafts to enhance the result. These options will be discussed pre-operatively during the initial consultation.

If you have requested smaller implants, Dr. Horvath will likely need to tighten the skin envelope to support the breast. Conversely, if you want bigger implants, he will need to expand the skin envelope to create room. Dr. Horvath has also perfected groundbreaking techniques to support the sagging breast after massive weight loss. He has lectured on these techniques and taught other surgeons these new skills.

When Dr. Horvath is finished making the surgical modifications, he will close the incisions with sutures and place surgical dressings and a supportive bra.

Recovering from Breast Implant Revision

There will be some swelling right after surgery, but this will resolve within about a week. Any post-operative discomfort can be controlled with oral pain medication. It’s important to rest as your body heals from surgery; avoid bending, straining or lifting your arms above your shoulders.

As you heal, Dr. Horvath will give you a clearer timeline for returning to work and exercise. Most patients take about one to two weeks off from work.


Successful implant revision surgery will help to restore a pleasing and youthful breast shape and size. This shape should remain stable for many years, unless you fluctuate significantly in weight or become pregnant. Eventually, gravity and aging will also affect the appearance of the breasts. At that point, you may want to consult with Dr. Horvath again to discuss your options.

To see before and after photos of our breast implant revision surgery patients, click here.

Learn More about Breast Implant Revision

If you’re unhappy with your breast implants, or have developed a post-operative complication and want to explore your revision options, please contact Dr. Horvath to schedule a consultation.