Tubular Breast Correction

Tubular Breast Correction in Philadelphia and Montgomery County

Tubular Breast Correction Philadelphia

Tubular (tuberous) breasts are caused by a congenital deformity characterized by abnormal breast shape. The breasts can vary in shape, from very subtle lack of lower breast fullness to a more severe form where breasts are long, narrow and cone-like, and the skin below the nipples is often tight, causing the nipples and areolas to protrude. All of this can have a profound effect on the outcome of breast surgery to provide the desired shape and symmetry. Tuberous breasts can also have a significant effect on a woman’s self-confidence.

Dr. David Horvath is the plastic surgeon women in Philadelphia and the surrounding area trust for breast enhancement. During tuberous breast correction, the surgeon restores the breast shape for a natural-looking appearance. In less severe forms, he may recommend placing implants to achieve a more proportionate breast shape and size. However in more severe forms, surgery may require two stages to release the constricted breast, expand the deficient zone, and then correct the volume and nipple position with an implant at a second stage. Be assured, however, a beautiful and natural shape is possible. Following the procedure, his patients look and feel more beautiful and confident than ever before.

Who Is a Candidate?

Dr. Horvath meets with each patient one-on-one to determine candidacy for tuberous breast correction. Tuberous breasts are characterized by the following:

  • Narrow breast base
  • Constricted breast tissue, especially in the lower pole of the breast
  • Enlarged areolas
  • Protruding nipples
  • Drooping or sagging breasts

Tuberous breast deformity can range from mild to severe. Dr. Horvath will design a treatment plan that best matches your unique needs and goals. During your consultation, the doctor may suggest placing breast implants, primarily to restore fullness to the lower pole of the breasts. Or, he may recommend the release of the restricted breast and placement of tissue expanders with the ultimate goal of permanent implants and a beautiful and natural breast shape. He will discuss your breast implant choices including the type, size and shape of implants that can best give you a natural-looking and beautiful breast appearance.

“The biggest mistake I see in breast enhancement is missing these subtle changes which can significantly affect the shape of the surgical outcome,” says Dr. Horvath. “Many times I see women who have had prior surgery that require correction of this tubular component that was missed during the first surgery.”

Procedure Details

Tuberous breast correction is performed as an outpatient procedure, typically under general anesthesia. The duration of surgery will depend on the amount of correction needed. During the procedure, Dr. Horvath will make an incision around the areola, followed by a series of internal incisions to release the tight breast tissues. Gradually, the breasts will expand and stretch, creating a more normal-looking and round appearance.

Women have the option of placing saline or silicone gel breast implants. Breast augmentation surgery will require an additional incision to properly place the implants. The specific incision technique will depend on a variety of factors and will be determined by you and Dr. Horvath before your procedure.

Dr. Horvath may also recommend performing a breast lift to address breast sag (ptosis). During breast lift, the breast mound is lifted and the tissues are tightened, creating a firmer and younger-looking appearance.

Recovery and Results

tubular breast correction philadelphia paFollowing surgery, you may experience swelling, bruising and soreness in the breasts. These side effects are only temporary and should subside within a few weeks after surgery. Dr. Horvath will provide you with detailed instructions for you to follow during your recovery, including when to resume normal activities.

Once fully healed, the breasts are much more proportionate to each other and the rest of the body. Scarring is to be expected; but with proper care, scars will be hardly noticeable.

To learn more about tubular breast correction, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Horvath. Contact Horvath Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center today.