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Brow Lift in Philadelphia & Montgomery County

Dr. David Horvath is able to erase the signs of aging with one of the simplest and least painful cosmetic procedures available. The brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is designed to lift sagging skin above the eyes, smoothing out wrinkles and lines that can give the appearance of exhaustion or anger.

Dr. Horvath says, “The subtle importance of the brow position is often underestimated by the patient who presents for improvement of age-related changes and complain of a tired look. As the brows drop with age, the eyes become more crowded and additional skin gathers above the eyes. This creates a tired or angry appearance. During the consultation, I am able to demonstrate the repositioning of the brow that occurs during a brow lift to make the patients look younger, more awake and happier.” This procedure is excellent for patients who are interested in facelift, but also have aging-related changes concentrated in the forehead and brow.

With many years of experience performing brow lift, Dr. Horvath has perfected his surgical approach to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results. His patients never look “frozen” or perpetually surprised — instead, they look more rested.

Am I a Candidate for Brow Lift?

If you are unhappy with frown lines, a sagging eyebrow position or wrinkled forehead, you may qualify for brow lift surgery. Dr. Horvath will confirm your candidacy during an informational consultation.

In general, brow lift candidates:

  • Are physically and psychologically healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery
  • Understand the possible risks and benefits of surgery

The consultation is a great opportunity to discuss your cosmetic surgery needs and goals in more detail with Dr. Horvath. He first takes a detailed medical history and performs a complete facial exam. If concerns arise related to the brow, he will examine your eyebrows/forehead, noting the severity of the forehead wrinkles and descent of the brow position. He will then discuss all the options available for treatment, including brow lift surgery, eyelid lift and facelift. You are invited to ask any questions you have about surgery at this time. Once you’ve scheduled your procedure, you will receive detailed instructions for preparing for surgery and what to expect on the day of surgery.

Procedural Details

Brow lift is an outpatient procedure performed under anesthesia.

Dr. Horvath performs brow lift using the endoscopic technique. This approach uses a small camera, which is inserted into one of a few tiny incisions made behind the hairline, to project images to a computer monitor in the operating room. Dr. Horvath also inserts small instruments under the skin to raise the sagging brow and eliminate excess skin.

Endoscopic brow lifts are less invasive than traditional methods, and are often performed in conjunction with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or as an alternative to blepharoplasty. The incisions are hidden within the hair so any scars will be carefully concealed.

Brow lift surgery may be combined with another plastic surgery procedure such as facelift, eyelid surgery or facial fat transfer. Dr. Horvath can explore these options if you’re interested.

Recovery and Results

Dr. Horvath will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and give you a better idea what to expect as you recover. You should follow these instructions carefully to minimize any risk of complications. Most patients take about a week or so off of work after surgery to rest and heal.

Generally, swelling and bruising are common and temporary side effects. Your brow lift results will become evident as these symptoms resolve. Your forehead will look smoother, your eyebrows will sit at a pleasing and youthful position and frown lines will look noticeably less severe.

To see before and after photos of our brow lift patients, click here.

Contact Dr. Horvath for Details

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